THE THERAPY CORPORATION provide counselling & hypnotherapy services on an individual 'one to one' basis or in a group therapy environment.
TTC also deliver training programmes to businesses and their staff. Programmes are developed to provide therapeutic value and benefits.

We have designed and delivered educational programmes to schools and colleges. A programme of workshops for students and staff members.
TTC deliver CPD (Continuing professional development) and specific training workshops to health professionals and student candidates.
TTC are committed to working with your business to ensure that your key asset, your staff, receive the highest level of care and training to ensure self care and the care of the business.

Professor Mike Kelly, Public Health Excellence Centre Director:

 “The benefits of promoting mental wellbeing within the workplace are clear".

Professor Kelly said that the financial incentives can be significant. An average organisation with 1,000 employees could save around £250,000 a year.

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